Earth Day Kids News Network

August 15th, 2012

AUG. 18TH 1-4PM @ Shepard Recreation Center (58th and haverford ave in Philadelphia)

The Earth Day Kidsand THE PARABLE POET ASCHAK will be celebrating the life of  their  GOOD FRIEND AND ADVOCATE FOR OUR SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT: “EVANGELIST JOSEPHINE COAR” They will be performing “The Universal Greeting” for all in attendance.

The Earth Day Kids Joined First Lady Michelle Obama on Thursday August 9th

It was just last week when The Earth Day Kids and Aschak The Parable Artist joined Michelle Obama on her grass roots campaign at the University of Sciences in Philadelphia. The Earth Day Kids showed there support for the Obama campaign and shared their thoughts on how kids in the city can help make this world a greener place for …Continue reading