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October, 2012

Forward for Obama

Please share! **Guess what? Since this supporter put together this list, our economy has continued to add jobs. To date, we’ve added nearly 5.2 million private sector jobs over 31 consecutive months. What is this? Every day from now until Election Day, we’ll send you something that makes the case for voting for Barack …Continue reading

UPDATE: Video from the Back to School Event

Check out this video of The Earth Days Kids performing:

Peace Day Philly 2012 – October 24th

From our friends at Peace Day Philly 2012. The Earth Day Kids will be there…will you?! At this gathering, we invite you to hear about – and share about if you wish – the many diverse activities that took place for Peace Day Philly 2012. We will also begin visioning for 2013, and welcome your ideas, input and involvement …Continue reading

Peace Day Philly rally -2012

Poet Laureate Sonia Sanchez & Parable  Poet  Aschak