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**Guess what? Since this supporter put together this list, our economy has continued to add jobs. To date, we’ve added nearly 5.2 million private sector jobs over 31 consecutive months.Share on Facebook    Share on Twitter

What is this?

Every day from now until Election Day, we’ll send you something that makes the case for voting for Barack Obama. Today, it’s a supporter’s handmade list of why they support our president.

What can I do?

If you like it, we ask that you share it with any friends, family members, and neighbors you know who are still making up their mind about who to vote for (and everyone knows some). All you have to do is pass it on — forward it, share on Facebook, or on Twitter.

Done. What else?

If you spot something that’s especially persuasive or inspiring, or if you want to share your own graphic, essay, or personal story, send it on to and we’ll pass the best ones along.

With 12 days to go in this election, and millions of voters still making up their minds, it’s the job of everyone who supports President Obama to let everyone else know who they’re voting for this year — and why.

Thanks for your help.

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October 26, 2012 FUTURE EVENTSThe Earth Day Kids
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