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David Fattah A Living Legend


David Fattah A Living Legend addressing the Earth Day crowd
during The House of Umoja/  Earth Day Kids
Earth Day Celebration

In celebration of Earth Day and Working Together In Peace To Save Our Environment.
The Earth Day Kids joined forces with The Historical House Of Umoja
to reaffirm the positive influence the House of  Umoja showered over our Community
for 45 years.
Since 1968, David Fattah founder of The House Of Umoja stood fast  on the 1400 Block of North Frazier Street

providing a safe haven for gang members to condition, heal and educate
themselves to formulate a truce through the development of the IMANI PLEDGE.


David Fattah did not stand alone for 45 years of service,
by his side is his ever inspiring and nurturing wife Queen Mother Falaka Fattah, together
they founded and operated The House of Umoja.
Today, David and Queen Mother Fattah in their relentless quest to better our environment
 is continuing their 45 years of service
by launching The House of Umoja’s latest project  “SEEDS OF HOPE”

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