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The Earth Day Kids and their friends had a SMYDAY

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Philadelphia, Pa. The school yard was practically empty after the quick rain storm had passed
and turned into a mist, when
A few Earth Day Kids had gathered in the John Barry School Yard
as they do everyday. After the kids report home from their schools they meet  in the John Barry School Yard, they talk about their day in school,
they talk about how much homework they have, they talk about what they did green today and they play school yard games.

This day was different, it rained really hard and the ground was wet. The kids saw something on the ground, a water soaked white envelope with what looked like money hanging out.

Sure enough it was a one dollar bill and a five dollar bill. Six dollars in total. Someone had lost it. The kids took the envelope
and turned it in to an Earth Day Kid Staff Member. The Staff member asked the kids to go back to see if their were
any other wet papers around. The Earth Day Kids found a permission slip authorizing a student from John Barry Promise Academy
to attend a class trip.
Together The 3 Earth Day Kids and 2 friends returned their find to the John Barry School office.
A DISAPPOINTMENT AVERTED and the John Barry student was reunited with her lost money.
And able to go on the class trip.

Thank You Makayla, Jaylin, Morgan, Ci’Nya, Miaya for your honesty and respect for the student who lost the envelope.
You  girls have certainly displayed examples of an honorable character and how “Working Together In Peace To Help Our Environment.”
is important.

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