Earth Day Kids News Network

August, 2015

The U.N. International Day of Peace is approaching soon! We are so excited!!

Peace Day in the classroom? YES! Why not? (The link to this flier above is Peace Day 2015 School Flier. Please share this flier to ensure that Peace Day is a success!!) Watch the video below to view a little more about what peace day is all about!  Please visit for more information about being a part of …Continue reading

“WE Must Work Together In Peace To Save Our Environment “

  The Earth Day Kids joined Sharon Katz on her South African Peace Train. Katz’s short film premiered in Washington, D.C.   Viewing this magnificent documentary “When Voices Meet” left a huge impact on us. It’s imperative that we share this with the Earth Day Kids who were not in attendance, and the rest of the world. …Continue reading

The Earth Day Kids send their Condolences to friend and Partner in Peace, Ms. Dorothy from Mothers in Charge and her family!


StateFarm Freedom Friday Neighborhood Awards finalist, Jaz Micael, expressed his view on the role music plays in changing the world in exclusive interview with our artist Jakiyah Anderson!!

(Jaz Micael singing “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye at the State Farm Freedom Friday Party.) Jakiyah: The Earth Day kids are a group of young children and mentors that fight for world peace. They spread the message of standing together as one to create peace through their universal greeting in which they offer …Continue reading

Our talented artist Jakiyah Anderson has done wonderful things in response to the death of Sandra Bland. Read her article!!

#Bodies Homicide becomes suicide when fear is present. Fear is present when guilt eats you alive. #Bodies is a collaborative performance project with Jakiyah Anderson, Rontisha Minor, David Townes and Jasmine Wade. The piece raises questions about the underlying racial reality that caused Sandra Bland’s death. In #Bodies, the skin of an African American man …Continue reading