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StateFarm Freedom Friday Neighborhood Awards finalist, Jaz Micael, expressed his view on the role music plays in changing the world in exclusive interview with our artist Jakiyah Anderson!!

IMG_8216(Jaz Micael singing “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye at the State Farm Freedom Friday Party.)

Jakiyah: The Earth Day kids are a group of young children and mentors that fight for world peace. They spread the message of standing together as one to create peace through their universal greeting in which they offer and receive peace.

In your own definition, what is world peace?

Jaz: To me, world peace is an act of helpfulness! Lets stop challenging each other with money, beauty, and other materialistic items, and lets start helping each other so the world can be a better place. If we all just lend a hand we can each lift a heart.

Jakiyah: What encourages you to write and do you think it is important to use music/art as a tool to change the world? If so, why?

Jaz: Just daily inspiration, it can be how my day went, relationships, listening to other people’s lives and just writing about it. Its just like writing a story and it’s very important because in today’s society music is the strongest outlet that people go to. Today’s music is promoting a lot of negativity, so why not use music, more positive music, to reach out to the people instead of nonsense.

Jakiyah: How do you feel being here today?

Jaz: Its a wonderful feeling and joyous, definitely cannot complain, blessed.


(Jaz Micael and Sheryl Underwood)

Jakiyah: If you win tonight, what do you plan to do with your award that can possibly help the world at a large or small scale?

Jaz: If i was to win, being the genuine person that I am, a certain percentage would go to some sort of organization thats about helping the community. You know, like The Earth Day Kids.

Jakiyah: What is some advice that you would give to The earth day kids about perseverance, persistence, and dedication?

Jaz: When they say you can’t, make that your motivation! Work harder to prove them wrong. With persistence and perseverance you can attain success even in the most challenging situations.


We are extremely proud of you Jaz Micael. Continue to strive and reach your goals. You have an amazing voice that the world needs to hear. The Earth Day kids support you and we are happy to know that you support us. A special thanks to Steve Harvey for having this wonderful event to allow world changers like Jaz Micael showcase their talent. We are working together in peace to change the world and save our environment!

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