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July 25th, 2016

The Earthday Kids and D’Bankzz will Stand With MOTHERS IN CHARGE and Their Partners

Aschak & The Earth Day Kids will perform “The Earth Day Kids Universal Greeting” and also¬†“PUT THE GUNS TO SLEEP” by D’Bankzz featuring The Earth Day Kids!!   Igniting The Vocal Majority: A Rally to Demand Gun Violence Prevention “WE MUST WORK TOGETHER IN PEACE TO SAVE OUR ENVIRONMENT”  

Guess WHO attended the Vigil at City Hall to end police brutality??

ASCHAK and The Earth Day Kids!!¬† Aschak & The Earth Day Kids promoted their message of Peace by performing in A National Vigil held in Philadelphia, Pa. at City Hall. The Vigil was hosted by Paige Fernandez. It was assembled to create awareness of Police brutality. All over the U.S. Gun violence, and police brutality …Continue reading