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Earth Day Kids Attend the Disarm Hate Rally in Washington D.C!

Disarm Hate Rally 2016

The Disarm Hate Rally was organized by Jason Hayes.  It was organized, in Hayes’ words, “So that the Orlando49 did not die in vain”. This rally was accompanied by the LGBTQ community and their allies. They rallied in Washington, D.C to demand equal rights and realistic gun law reform.



The amazing organizer, Jason Hayes, with the Earth Day Kids at the Disarm Hate Rally! Thank you so much Jason, for giving us the oppourtunity to share our message! We were so excited! We also want to thank you for your courage, and determination to make our society a better place! “We MUST work together in PEACE to save our environment”.


The Earth Day Kids with singer Sasha Allen from the VOICE at the Disarm Hate Rally.

The Earth Day Kids and Aschak Performed the Universal Greeting for PEACE. The Earth Day Kids also featured D’Bankzz in performing the song, “Put The Guns To Sleep”. (Shown in video above)


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