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The Earth Day Kids Performed on The Steps of the Lincoln Memorial!!

What a HISTORICAL place to share such a wonderful message! Please watch the video below, and spread this amazing message! PUT THE GUNS TO SLEEP   ( #CopyTheLink

Look out Washington D.C, The Earth Day Kids are coming!

The Earthday Kids will travel to Washington, D.C to support Urban American OutDoors in a effort to encourage our youth of D.C and surrounding areas to participate in a fishing experience. WE MUST WORK TOGETHER IN PEACE TO SAVE OUR ENVIRONMENT!

The Earth Day Kids at the Fall Concert Series!

We would like to thank State Representative Vanessa Lowery Brown for inviting us to perform! We Must Work Together In Peace To Save Our Environment

The Earth Day Kids Will March In The Million Father March

A Day of Male Responsibility “.The Million Father March is an opportunity for Black men to show their commitment to the educational lives of their children on the first day of school and throughout the school year. Since the March began in 2004, fathers and other significant male caregivers across the country and around the …Continue reading

The U.N. International Day of Peace is approaching soon! We are so excited!!

Peace Day in the classroom? YES! Why not? (The link to this flier above is Peace Day 2015 School Flier. Please share this flier to ensure that Peace Day is a success!!) Watch the video below to view a little more about what peace day is all about!  Please visit for more information about being a part of …Continue reading

“WE Must Work Together In Peace To Save Our Environment “

  The Earth Day Kids joined Sharon Katz on her South African Peace Train. Katz’s short film premiered in Washington, D.C.   Viewing this magnificent documentary “When Voices Meet” left a huge impact on us. It’s imperative that we share this with the Earth Day Kids who were not in attendance, and the rest of the world. …Continue reading

The Earth Day Kids send their Condolences to friend and Partner in Peace, Ms. Dorothy from Mothers in Charge and her family!


StateFarm Freedom Friday Neighborhood Awards finalist, Jaz Micael, expressed his view on the role music plays in changing the world in exclusive interview with our artist Jakiyah Anderson!!

(Jaz Micael singing “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye at the State Farm Freedom Friday Party.) Jakiyah: The Earth Day kids are a group of young children and mentors that fight for world peace. They spread the message of standing together as one to create peace through their universal greeting in which they offer …Continue reading

Our talented artist Jakiyah Anderson has done wonderful things in response to the death of Sandra Bland. Read her article!!

#Bodies Homicide becomes suicide when fear is present. Fear is present when guilt eats you alive. #Bodies is a collaborative performance project with Jakiyah Anderson, Rontisha Minor, David Townes and Jasmine Wade. The piece raises questions about the underlying racial reality that caused Sandra Bland’s death. In #Bodies, the skin of an African American man …Continue reading

The Earth Day Kids at the Mann center for the arts!!

The Earth Day Kids attended a cultural event they really embellished. The Mann Performing Arts Center hosted The Lord of the Rings; Fellowship of the Ring on the giant screen with the Philadelphia Orchestra and the renewed Philadelphia Boys Chorale. Earth Day Kids Kayvon Blackston and Namir Jones never left their seats. “The Lord of …Continue reading

Special Guests? Guess Who!!!

THE EARTH DAY KIDS The Earth Day Kids will be special guests of Rhonda Blounts, Education Director for The Mann Music Center in Philadelphia. Its a wonderful opportunity to be able to witness the Fellowship of the Ring from The Lord of the Rings, the first film of the beloved trilogy, on a giant screen with …Continue reading

Congratulations to the wonderful and talented Mo’ne Davis!

Philadelphia’s own Mo’ne Davis won Best Breakthrough Athlete on Wednesday at the EPSY awards in Los Angeles! The Earth Day Kids want to congratulate Mo’ne Davis for receiving this award. We were so excited to vote you as the best candidate! While the country was focused on the tragic murder of Mike Brown in Ferguson, this …Continue reading

Time for Global Action!!

The United Nations Presents their 3rd Conference on Financing for Development!! This Conference will take place July 13th-July 16th. It is geared to helping countries gain access to the funding they need to improve the lives of the people who reside in them. They will give information about the funds, and resources that are available, …Continue reading

Thank you Vanessa Lowery Brown and all of the supporters who came out to witness Representative Brown present Image Awards to some phenomenal women in the 190th district!.

The Earth Day Kids want to thank State Representative Vanessa Lowery Brown for recognizing our own, Angie Wilson-Vincent, and others as phenomenal women in the 190th district. She presented the women with gift bags and image awards to show her gratitude. You are such an amazing and inspiring women and we thank you! The Earth …Continue reading

Congratulations Team USA!

Team USA were the World Cup Winners!! Carl Lloyd scored the fastest goal in a Women’s World Cup final thus far using the outside of her left foot from a corner kick in the third minute. This led to a 5-2 victory over Japan! Goo World Champs!! WE MUST WORK TOGETHER IN PEACE TO SAVE OUR ENVIRONMENT!

Vanessa Lowery’s award ceremony was full of amazing and inspirational women!

The church was filled on July 27th, 2015. Filled with people who have had a huge positive impact on 190th district and elsewhere.  In this atmosphere, nothing but greatness is expected. This was a great day. There were children dancing, motivational speaking, and most importantly the recognition of the Image Awards. The Earth Day Kids …Continue reading

Angie looked beautiful for her award ceremony!

State representative Vanessa Lowery presented Image Awards to 300 wonderful women including our own; Angie Wilson-Vincent. We were all very excited to be there. It was an honor! We are so proud of you Angie! Continue being great!

Angie was recently nominated for state representative Vannessa Lowery Brown’s Annual Image Awards’ Accolade!!

We are extremely proud of you! You are such a beautiful and wonderful person. This award is awarded to those who exemplify a love and a passion for the community in which they reside. People who put aside their own needs for the sake of others. People who understand the value of peace and a …Continue reading

Aschak and The Earth Day Kids made a mark in Washington D.C

Aschak and The Earth Day Kids presented the Universal Greeting, a call and response poem, to an audience full of people who traveled across the United States to share this prestigious stage.  D’Bankzz and The Earth Day Kids performed “Put the Guns to Sleep” on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, the same place where …Continue reading

June 2nd was National Gun Violence Awareness Day !

Everybody wore ORANGE to stand up against gun violence! check out the video on

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