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Universal Greeting Performance (Video)

Aschak and The Earth Day Kids presented the Universal Greeting, a call and response poem, to an audience full of people who traveled across the United States to share this prestigious stage.  D’Bankzz and The Earth Day Kids performed “Put the Guns to Sleep” on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, the same place where …Continue reading

Our Fellow Earth Day Kids Ci’Nya, Kayvon, and Kylah won Hands Across Philadelphia’s 500-Word Essay Competition

Hands Across Philadelphia hosted their 3rd Annual essay contest to give Philadelphia Middle and High School students an avenue of creativity through written expression and to reward them for their efforts. !! Read the subject, rules, and prizes below!!   Subject: What do you think will be the lasting legacy of the Presidency of Barack Obama? …Continue reading

Aschak at the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging Celebration!

Our Artist Aschak exhibited artwork in the Arts & Aging celebration. We are extremely proud of him! (Aschak and Congressman Fattah at the celebration.) Copy and Paste this link to see more upcoming events for PCA’s Celebration of the Arts & Aging. “WE MUST WORK TOGETHER IN PEACE TO SAVE OUR ENVIRONMENT”

D’Bankzz performing at the 6th Annual 190th Legislative District Awards

SPECIAL  GUEST D’Bankzz   Performing  Her International Day Of Peace Song                               “PUT THE GUNS TO SLEEP” Written and Performed By D’Bankzz &The Earth Day Kids. D’Bankzz performing at the 6th Annual 190th Legislative District Awards State Representative Vanessa Brown 190th Legislative District …Continue reading

Earth Day Kids Night at the 76ers – Thursday March 17 6:00 p.m.

Earth Day Kids Night at the 76ers Thursday March 17,2016 Saint Patrick’s Day 6:00 p.m. Earth Day Kids Sponsor A Child Program Behind the Basket Seats Contact The Earth Day Kids                              267-987-6597  /  267-466-6367

Aschak and The Earth Day Kids are at it again!!

Aschak & The Earth Day Kids will continue promoting Working Together in Peace to Save Our Environment!! They will perform “Their Universal Greeting For Peace.” during State Representative Vanessa Lowery Brown’s 3rd Annual Civil Rights Achievement Awards D’Bankzz featuring The Earthday Kids Peace Day Song “Put The Guns To Sleep” will also be performed!   “WE MUST …Continue reading

Congrats Jim Kenney!

Congratulations to the 99th mayor of Philidelphia! We are eager to see what changes and initiatives you bring to our community. Remember to increase the peace. We’re rooting for you!

2016: A year of setting goals!

The Earth Day Kids have set a goal for 2016, and they are eager to reach it!Goal of 2016: Promote environmental awareness and peace around the world! WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT TO MAKE THIS A REALITY! “WE MUST WORK TOGETHER IN PEACE TO SAVE OUR ENVIRONMENT”

Congratulations to Mayor Nutter!

Today Mayor Nutter celebrated the wonderful work that he has done as mayor! The Earth Day Kids staff attended his celebration with the Sugar Hill Gang! “WE MUST WORK TOGETHER IN PEACE TO SAVE OUR ENVIRONMENT”

The Earth Day Kids enjoyed the 1st day ok KWANZAA!

The Earth Day Kids visited the African American museum to celebrate KWANZAA! They enjoyed their time there! The first day of KWANZAA; Umoja Umoja (oo-MO-jah) #Unity stresses the importance of togetherness for the family and the community, which is reflected in the African saying, “I am We,” or “I am because We are.” “I am We,” …Continue reading

“Black Privilege” by Crystal Valentine

The Earth Day Kids APPROVE THIS MESSAGE! This is the epitome of what it means to be black and priviledged! Please watch this video and tell us what you think!   “WE MUST WORK TOGETHER IN PEACE TO SAVE OUR ENVIRONMENT”

Larry Fitzgerald and Ci’Nya of the Earth Day Kids – Christmas Celebration

After Ci’Nya Hosted Her Christmas Celebration on Sunday. The Young Supporter Of “Working Together In Peace To Save Our Environment” was Invited as a guest of AZ Cardinal Larry Fitzgerald to attend the Eagles/Cardinals game Sunday Night. Fitzgerald was unable to attend Ci’Nya’s Christmas Celebration due to change in scheduling. Fitzgerald was impressed with The …Continue reading

A special Christmas Wish!!

SANTA, “I have a great idea. On Christmas when you go to everyone’s house you could take all the guns and put them in your sack and hide them at the North Pole and no one could kill anyone anymore in the world thank you “ The Earth Day Kids encourage this message! To eliminate …Continue reading

We Love you Coa!

Happy Birthday “Coa Lee” Our youngest Earth Day Kid had his 1st Birthday Celebration. All of the decorations were made out of recycled materials. The treats were all organic and sugarless.   “We Must Work Together In PEACE to Save Our Environment”

The Earth Day Kids will be painting the fence and planting tulips on the triangle.

The Earthday Kids will Join Mantua’s Beautification Project on Saturday November 14th, 2015. We will plant tulips for 2016. Meet us at The Triangle. 10:00 am “WE MUST WORK TOGETHER IN PEACE TO SAVE OUR ENVIRONMENT”

The Earth Day Kids will be going to the Sixers Game!

In Support of Hands Across Philadelphia, we will be going to watch the basketball game and you should too!! See Flyer for more information.   “WE MUST WORK TOGETHER IN PEACE TO SAVE OUR ENVIRONMENT”

Hands Across Philadelphia Was A Success!

We would like to thank everyone who came out to Hands Across Philadelphia. We know the importance of Standing UP, and becoming one for a cause. We are so glad that you share this knowledge, and had the courage to participate in the walk.   “WORKING TOGETHER IN PEACE TO SAVE OUR ENVIRONMENT”


Today is a wonderful day. A day in which the people of this country partake in one of the most influential citizen rights and duties; VOTING. As you are making this choice, remember to vote for people who’s goals include working together in PEACE to save our environment. We cannot stress how important it is …Continue reading

Earth Day Kids & The Million Man March!

Justice Or ELSE We said! Did You HEAR US! JUSTICE or ELSE “Justice is the birthright of every human being. Justice is a prerequisite to life. We cannot live without justice and where there is no justice there is no peace. Justice is one of the eternal principals that the Creator of the Heavens and …Continue reading

The Earth Day Kids are exited about “Hands Across Philadelphia”.

This rally, through the heart of the city, will give the opportunity for our leaders and residents to show a unified goal of improving life in our cities. When: October 17th, 2015     D’Bankzz and The Earth Day Kids with bring their “Put The Guns to Sleep” Peace Tour to Hands Across Philadelphia   …Continue reading

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